Our story


The Expansion

In 10 years, Pâtes et Croûtes saw tremendous growth. In just a few years, they were able to expand their offering to meet the growing needs of their clients and satisfy the sweet tooth of consumers. Along with their renowned pie dough, they were also making muffins, cookies and raw dough in a growing selection of delicious flavours.

Two moves later, the partners decided to custom-build a modern facility in Boucherville, with plenty of space to meet their growing company’s needs. The 30,000 sq.ft. installation was filled with modern equipment that met the highest market demands and gave the company the room it needed to reach its full potential.

An Idea, Then a Business

In 1989, Luc Benoit and Francine Thériault had been running a butcher shop and bakery in La Place Chaumont for some 12 years. Their clients were head over heels for the delicious pâtés and meat pies the pair made and sold at their shop.

At first, these artisans would simply fill pie crusts available on the market, but they were soon disappointed with the quality of products and the service they received. That’s when they decided to make their own pie crusts using an old family recipe from Ms. Thériault.

Soon, their pie-dough project was booming and more and more bakers were using the dough to put together their own sweet pie and pastry creations. In 1991, their passion for baking compelled the partners to sell their butcher and bakery shop in order to focus on the large-scale production of pie dough.


2007 - 2009

A Turning Point

In 2007, the sudden death of founder Luc Benoit marked a period of change for the company, which had reached a turning point in its history. The founding family was still very much a part of the company: Francine, her daughter Dominique and son Philippe were fully supported by the company’s employees.

A Long-Term Vision

In 2012, Robert Leduc was appointed as company CEO and co-shareholder, thanks to his extensive experience in managing many large industrial baking and pastry manufacturers (Multi-Marques and Bridor).

In order to expand the company internationally, increase client satisfaction and improve the quality of products, Robert Leduc and Francine Thériault came up with a long-term strategy that outlined the steps needed to invest in enlarging, renovating and modernizing their facility.

It was during this time that Pâtes et Croûtes decided to use NOVALI as the trademark name for their products. This new brand image aimed to encourage the development of new markets and focus on innovation.

Following these investments and improvements, the company obtained GFSI (SQF level 2) certification—the highest certification in the agro-food industry.


2012 - 2015

Our promise

Encourage partner input

The incredible quality of our products is thanks in large part to our suppliers, partners, clients, and employees. We want to foster an environment of collaboration with all our partners in order to ensure everyone works to improve the quality and taste of our products.

Stand out when it comes to innovation and taking initiative

Improving the quality of our products is all about innovation—a key value for our company. We are excited to use the latest available technology, and recent investments at our facility mean we are now more efficient and productive than ever, able to ensure increased food safety throughout the production process.

Offer the best products at the best price

We are always looking for ways to improve our product line—from taste to variety. We place importance on product development as well as quality control.